Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Summer Learning Journey

Kia orana awesome bloggers 

Today I was doing a awesome blog  on Canada.
Well the fact that blew my mind is that Canada  is the 2nd largest country.

They have more people than NZ.They have 35.9 million people but they have a beautiful place and nature.
So in Canada they go  hot in 30 degrees and when you go into north in Canada it gets more colder.

I hope you can comment on my blog.

Here is a video of Canada 



  1. Kia ora Tatyana,

    I loved the video you shared. My favourite part was when they showed us the Horseshoe Falls (2:09sec), aren't they magnificent. What was your faviourite part?

    I never realised Canada's population is 35.9 million people, that's approximately 31 million people more than New Zealand! Wow!

    I am excited to read the facts you share with us throughout your adventures on the Summer Learning Journey.

    Have a beautiful day Tatyana,
    Megan from the Summer Learning Journey team

  2. Hi Megan thank you for comment on my blog I like your comment.


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  4. Bonjour Tatyana,

    my name is Cia. I am a summer learning journey blogger who will be working with you over the summer break.

    I thought the video you shared was awesome because it had loads of information about places you could visit and things you could do in Canada. I loved the part where they showed Niagra falls and the boat at the bottom of the waterfall, that looked really fun but also pretty scary.

    Maybe next time you could add a bit more information about interesting or famous landmarks in Canada. What landmark or famous place would you like to visit in Canada and why? I'd love to hear your reply. I know I definitely would like to visit Niagra falls one day because it reminds me of the waterfalls I visited when I went to Samoa.

    Ka pai! What a great start to the Summer Learning Journey, I look forward to reading more of your posts this summer.

    Toe feiloa'i fo'i ('see you again' in Samoan)